Rock Your Walls with Framed Album Covers & Vinyl Records

Rock Your Walls with Framed Album Covers & Vinyl Records

There's something undeniably nostalgic and cool about vinyl records. Their large, eye-catching album covers aren't just a gateway to music; they're works of art in their own right. Transforming these iconic images into wall decor is an easy way to infuse your space with personality, color, and vintage charm.

Imagine your home filled with your most iconic album covers – a visual snapshot of your musical journey. Mix and match genres and eras, creating a harmonious blend of colors and themes. Framed album covers offer a unique way to personalize your space, spark conversations, and showcase your eclectic collection. Here's how to get started:

Choosing the Right Frames

  • Album Cover Frames: These frames are specifically designed for 12", 10”, or 7” album covers. They often have deeper profiles to accommodate the album's thickness. Gatefold or double albums will need extra mounting space.
  • Vinyl Record Frames: Stylishly display your favorite vinyl records. Add a custom nameplate for a truly personalized touch.
  • LP Record Album Frames with Sleeve: If you want to display the actual vinyl record along with the cover, opt for a frame with a shadow box or deeper recess.
  • Jukebox Style Frames: Record vinyl mounts behind the sleeve for a classic vintage look.

Elevate your display by choosing frames that complement your décor style. Opt for sleek black or white frames for a modern aesthetic, industrial metal frames for an edgy touch, while wooden frames add warmth and a vintage vibe. Highlight a special element in the album’s artwork with a coordinating mat color to make it pop!

Creative Display Ideas for Album Art

Here are some ideas for showcasing your framed album covers:

  • Gallery Wall: Arrange a collection of frames in a grid or an eclectic mix on a large wall. This is a great way to tell a visual story about your musical journey.
  • Focal Point: Highlight a single, iconic album cover as a statement piece above a sofa, fireplace, or bed.
  • Thematic Display: Group albums by genre, artist, or era for a curated look.

Preserve Your Musical Memories: Where to Find the Perfect Album Cover and Vinyl Record Frames

Discover a wide selection of album cover and vinyl record frames online, at local art supply stores, or home decor shops. Look for frames with UV-protective glass or acrylic to protect your album covers. But for a truly exceptional display, look no further than Frame My Collection.

Frame My Collection offers beautiful custom framing options, allowing you to personalize your frames with matting, clean finishes, and even custom nameplates. Our unique framing process, featuring conservation clear glass, not only protects your memorabilia but also elevates it with a professional gallery-worthy presentation. Record enthusiasts will especially love the easy access design, allowing you to effortlessly remove and enjoy your vinyl anytime. Our experienced team will meticulously craft a custom display for your treasured memories. 

Beyond Album Covers:

Don't limit yourself to just album covers! Consider framing:

  • Drum Head Frames: Capture the memory of live shows with drum head frames.
  • Band T-shirt Frames: Framing a t-shirt is the ultimate way to both preserve and proudly display your concert memories, transforming them into personal works of art.
  • CD and DVD Frames: Elevate your music and movie collection into wall art with our collection of CD and DVD frames.

The Vinyl Revival:

With the resurgence of vinyl, framed album covers have become even more popular. They offer a tangible connection to music and a stylish way to showcase your collection. So, dust off those classic albums and let them shine!

Ready to create your own album cover gallery? Take a look at our various framed album covers here. Let's celebrate the power of music and art!

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